Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm not Asia'h Epperson, I'm Asia Epperson

Even though last years American Idol is over, people are still getting me confused with the other person named Asia'h Epperson. Apparently they can't see that Asia'h is spelled a little differently that Asia! Oh well, I guess there are other things worse than having a name that sounds and is spelled closely with the same name as a celebrity!

What have I been doing since the show is over and attention has been diverted away from the American Idol Asia'h Epperson? Well, I still get people asking me all the time if I'm that girl from American Idol! Hey, we don't even look the same. I guess it's the name thing. It is kinda unique.

But I have been going to college trying to get my Masters Degree. It's been a long uphill battle, especially with the economy in the shape that it's in. I hope President Obama can pull us out of the fire and get us back on the right path. Tuition at my college is going to go up again. If it keeps rising, I'll have to get out and get a part time job or something.

My on again, off again relationship with my boyfriend isn't going well at all. Honestly, I think he kinda liked all the attention I was getting when last year's American Idol was on TV and Asia'h Epperson was in the spotlight. I don't think he liked the attention because I was getting so much, but because in some weird sense he thought it made him look better. He is an attention hog! One of the things that is turning me off about him is that if we're in a crowd or with other people, he does things to bring attention to his self. It's all bout Robert when there are people around! Must have had one of those attention deprived childhoods!

I can't wait till Summer. I'm planning on a Vacation with my Mom to the Costa Rica. I've never been. She was there 5 years ago and simply fell in love with the place. She says it has some of the most beautiful coastal water you ever saw. Plus, she keeps telling how beautiful the rugged countryside is. I'm not sure who is more excited about this trip, her or me! I'm just glad I can go and that she's paying my way. I hope to have a good job once I get out of College so I can take my parents on a vacation like that.

Well, this post is getting long and I just wanted to set the record straight about the reality of there being an Asia'h Epperson and a Asia Epperson and those two people were different!